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What is Hotwifing?

Refers to the practice of a married woman pursuing sexual relationships outside of the marriage with the endorsement and encouragement of her husband.

Why do couples pursue this lifestyle?

Paradoxical as it may seem, the idea is more often brought up by the male part of the relationship, generally surging as a fantasy of his own. Biology plays a big role, as the male brain is wired to increase desire when watching his wife with someone else through the activation of 'sperm competition'. Additionally, men tend to be more visual than women, and it results erotic to some to watch their partner engage in sexual activity and enjoy the third person perspective of their loved one.

Some couples decide to try this lifestyle when they have a firm, strong and stable marriage, and they want to look for either a thrill or to 'spice things up' in the bedroom. It is commonly found to be a gratifying experience, that brings close couples, even closer. Many describe a heightened state of arousal at the time of the couple's reconnection or reclaiming, which occurs after the Hotwife has played without her husband. It is advised to abstain from trying this lifestyle if the relationship is not solid, or if it is regarded as a way to 'fix' the marriage.

How does a Hotwife relationship work?

Every relationship is different, and communication between the couple is crucial to make sure the fantasy plays out in a positive, fun and rewarding way. It is important to discuss between both partners where their erotic imagination takes them, what turns them on and quite importantly, where the limits and boundaries of their exploration are situated. The couple's velocity is set by the slowest half, and it is important for the other part to be sensitive, loving and patient to make sure every step is taken with the desired strength.

There are 2 major dynamics when it comes to Hotwifing, which are illustrated as follows:

Stag - Vixen: This dynamic is (usually) initially ignited by the husband's (or Stag's) compersion. Compersion is defined as a feeling of happiness when seeing their partner getting romantic or sexual attention from others, coined during the late 20th Century by French anthropologists. Through this dynamic, the Stag is filled with immense joy, happiness and arousal when watching his Vixen play, which in turn fuels and encourages his Vixen to explore, experiment and enjoy herself freely. Stags are usually confident and secure men, who feel good by sharing their wives.

Cuckold: Contrary to the Stag, the Cuck's initial emotion when watching his wife play with another man is a negative one. Through feelings such as jealousy, shame or indignity, some men are able to find a plethora of sexual excitement. In this dynamic, the arousal comes from the humiliation the wife is able to deliver upon the Cuck, generally limiting (or denying) the amount of sexual pleasure he receives while she, in turn, is allowed to engage in sexual activity with other partners. As an iconographic beacon of the Cuckold dynamic, you have the chastity belt managed by the wife and worn by the Cuck to keep him from pleasuring himself. Cucks tend to be or are usually timid and submissive men, who in a form of masochism, get arousal from a desire of humiliation. 

How to know if I'm a Stag or Cuckold?

You first have to be introspective of your feelings. If the idea of sharing your wife makes you feel excited for her, at the same time that it makes you feel good to think of her receiving pleasure and enjoying herself, you're probably a Stag. If that same idea makes you feel stepped over, but soon afterwards those emotions start to become appealing and excite you, you're probably leaning towards the Cuckold dynamic.

Basic Terminology

  • Hotwife: Married woman who is not only available, but encouraged by her husband to engage in sexual activity outside her marriage.

  • StagMarried man who gives compersion-based encouragement to his Vixen Hotwife to engage in extramarital sexual activity.

  • Cuck: Married man who encourages his Hotwife to humiliate and degrade him by engaging in extramarital sexual activity.

  • Play Partner / Bull: Single man who engages in sexual activity with the Hotwife.

  • Play Date / Play Session: The set up time and place for the sexual activity to occur between the Hotwife and her Play Partner.

  • Reconnection / Reclaiming: Explosive and intense sexual relations held between the husband and his Hotwife after a Play Date.

We hope that this basic and concise introduction to Hotwifing was useful, however we've gathered a few articles for you that further elaborate on the subject. We thank you for visiting us, and we hope that this journey becomes as rewarding and marvelous to you and your spouse, as it has been for us. Happy Hotwifing!

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